Coming Soon from bltn - "Domestic Violins"!

The first album released as "...better late than never" (which was to be the second album released by "the rubber bullets", prior to the afore-mentioned name change) has been substantially completed and, barring unforeseen obstacles, should be released by the end of 2020 (or as early as possible in 2021, should said obstacles manifest themselves). Titled "Domestic Violins", it is an exploration of the many facets of the romantic relationship and will feature songs addressing both the "Yin" and "Yang" of that essential aspect of human interaction. A "sneak preview" in the form of uploaded rough mixes is planned in the intermediate future, followed by the release of the completed album as soon as I can a) figure out how to transfer the tracks from the computer on which they were originally recorded to my new set-up, b) re-record at least one lead vocal track and several of the backing vocal tracks, which are currently ably represented by yours truly, but on which I would like to achieve the varied texture provided by disparate voices and c) mix and master all of the above to obtain the desired finished product. More on this as events develop... 

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