the rubber bullets Release First Album!!!

From the original album release notes in 2006...

After years of intense anticipation by...well, their friends and family, really, "the rubber bullets", based in the San Francisco Bay Area of California, have released their first feature-length album, "A Salt and Battery". The album opened to rave reviews at the homes of Bob and Scott, as well as several other residences occupied by the friends and family with whom they are still on speaking terms after such a bleeding extended "gestation period". "What a long, strange trip it's been", the prescient line written by the Grateful Dead in anticipation of the release of "A Salt and Battery" years prior to this historic event, is an understatement of the grandest proportions. Indeed, the unfortunate choice of "Road Not Taken" as the name of the production company established by the two (and only) founding members of "the rubber bullets", Bob Shaffer and Scott Rundles, has proven to be far too accurate in its description of the meandering path followed by these two extremely dedicated and persistent, yet tragically misguided and unfocused "artistes". And yet, after all that has been said and done (far too much said and too little done) during the (ohmygawd!) over 25 years since the first encounter between these two fast friends and collaborators, "A Salt and Battery" is illustrative of their commitment to a dynamic & diverse musical approach, insightful & incisive lyrics and a self-indulgent production aesthetic. "A Salt and Battery" is available for perusal and purchase (highly recommended by Bob and Scott, for reasons that should be somewhat transparent) at and, for a modest sum that, in truth, cannot hope to assuage the lingering pain caused by the years of deprivation and suffering endured by these tortured souls, but would be highly appreciated, nonetheless.

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